Red Vein Removal

Most commonly found on the face and chest and Legs, where the skin is exposed to daily environmental stresses and chemicals like makeup, sun, and other damaging factors, these little red veins can ruin the look of clear healthy skin.


Broken capillaries or little red veins are not harmful but can cause unsightly facial redness particularly around the nose and on the cheeks. Without treatment, these veins do not go away on their own and often get worse over time.


The easiest and most effective treatment for these red veins is laser vein removal using the 980nm diode laser available at Eve Garrett Beauty Therapy which targets the veins whilst causing minimal trauma to the surrounding skin.


During laser treatment, light pulses are sent into the veins, which impede their blood flow and eventually destroy them. After one to six treatments, the affected veins collapse away from the surface of the skin, leaving it smooth and clear.


A mild anaesthetic can be applied before your treatment if requested by you, or if you have a particularly sensitive skin type. The sensation of laser vein removal is mild heat.


After your treatment, the area can feel hot for the next few hours and in some cases appear slightly swollen, but you are able to return to your usual activities straight away. We ask you to avoid any form of heat over the next 24 hours including exercise, sun exposure and hot environments like spas and saunas and we will apply sunscreen to protect your skin.


The next following fortnight your skin may be dry or even mildly peel but this can easily be covered with chemical free makeup and we encourage you to purchase an aftercare gel to soothe and protect your skin from bacteria.


While laser treatment for broken capillaries can be used on nearly any part of the body, this option is most often utilized on the face, During the process, those who are undergoing treatment are highly unlikely to require pain medication or local anaesthesia. Not all patients experience side effects from having their broken capillaries treated, but there are several that may occur.  


Side Effects of Broken Capillaries Treatment


Some side effects of treating broken capillaries may include stinging or irritation during the process, redness and swelling after the treatment, and in some cases, peeling or crusting of the treated skin. All of these side effects are temporary and should vanish a few weeks after treatment. There are little to no long-term effects believed to be associated with having laser treatment for broken capillaries, but if you decide that this may be an option for you, it’s best to discuss all possible outcomes and side effects with your experienced laser clinician beforehand.


Eve Garrett Beauty Therapy uses the top of the line 808 diode laser technology from Germany and Eve is a fully qualified laser clinician with 15 years of hands-on laser experience. Phone or text 0418 640 385



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